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Bob Tuttle.jpg

Al Tuttle

First Episode:

Homeland Insecurity

Voiced By:

Richard Kind


Lisa Tuttle (wife) (deseased)


July 18, 1971




Tuttle is a chatty fellow and one of the Smith's neighbors, Stan originally circled the block six or seven times to avoid talking to him in Homeland Insecurity. Stan was forced to stop and talk to him when he ran out of gas, this is when we (and Francine) find out that his wife Betty (later given as Lisa) had died. Much later in "Don't Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth", it is revealed that Tuttle has become severely obese due to loneliness after losing his wife but when Steve and his friends help him out of his house for the first time since the first season. He returns to his friendly and optimistic self, but remains obese.

Episode Appearances[]