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Kristy White

First Appearance:

Deacon Stan, Jesus Man

Voiced By:

Molly Shannon


Chuck White (husband)

  Betsy White (daughter)
  a son


Christy White is the wife of Chuck White and the mother of Betsy White. She is also the leader of the Ladybugs, an organization of women who cheat on their husbands.

Christy rubs her unmatchable superiority in the faces of others, particularly fellow housewives like Francine.

Facts about Christy[]

  • Christy pressured her daughter to pursue gymnastics
  • Christy leaves out a lot of middle details when explaining the causal relationship between kissing and pregnancy
  • Christy admits that she's a bitch, and actually seems proud of it
  • Christy's appearance has changed in various episodes

Episode Appearances[]