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Debera "Debbie" Hymen
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First Episode:

The American Dad After School Special

Voiced By:

Lizzy Caplan




Fat girl (great great great grandmother) Steve Smith (ex-boyfriend) Mrs Hymen (mother) Fat boy (great great great grandfather)


Spy Fat


Debbie Hyman (Born July 23 1992) is Steve's on again off again girlfriend. She is a goth girl who goes to Pearl Bailey High School and frequently skips gym class to refuse doing exercise. She once ran for class president but lost, partially due to a slam web page set up by Snot, Toshi and Barry. Her hobbies include making hope chests shaped like coffins and shooting the eyes out of squirrels.


Debbie has light skin, black hair, wears a lavander neck bracelt on her neck, a dark purple dress, black belt with gold buckle, and black boots. However, in Bar Mitzvah Hustle, her design changed;She had a yellow circle on her neck bracelet, straps on her boots, a light purple trimming on her dress, purple and turquoise leggings on her legs, and dark blue rings on her wrists.

Episode Appearances[]