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Richard "Dick" Reynolds

First Appearance:

Threat Levels

Voiced By:

Stephen Root (2005-2007), David Koechner (2008-present)


CIA Agent


Sheila (ex-wife)

a son

Biscuit (dog)


Dick Reynolds is one of Stan's co-workers at the CIA. He has a desk job like Stan, but he doesn't go into the field. He may have been a field agent when he was younger.

His wife, Sheila, once got a job which emasculated him to the point that he lost his genetalia. This is most likely what led her to start cheating on him. Sheila later divorced Dick, taking with her the house, the car, and his dog Buscuit. Dick is so fond of the dog that he has a coffee mug with Buscuit's name and photo on it. After the divorce, Dick liberated Buscuit from Sheila.

Facts about Dick ReynoldsEdit

  • Dick has three DUIs
  • Dick has a rocket-powered zipper on his pants
  • Dick has a son with a freakishly large hand
  • Dick has a fetish which involves dressing up as a car
  • Dick has liver cancer
  • Dick has been shot point-blank in the groin
  • "Dick don't pay for strange" just like Kaelan Burke.

Episode AppearancesEdit