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Finances With Wolves



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Albert Calleros

Written By:

Neal Boushell and Sam O'Neal

Originally Aired:

January 29th, 2006

Proceded By:

Rough Trade

Followed By:

It's Good to Be Queen

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A.) Story[]

Stan gets a bonus and Francine asks if she can have money to open a muffin kiosk, becuase she always wanted to. When she does she isn't around to make Stan breakfest, Klaus says he'll make Stan some if he gets him a human body. Stan reluclantly agrees, but Klaus knocks him out to go after Francine. When Stan comes in to save her a group of protesters blow up a statue and it crushes Klaus's body, but they buy a goldfish as a replacement.

B.) Story[]

After a wolf attacks Steve his friends are convinced he is a werewolf. At first Steve himself is convinced, and has Snot, Toshi, Barry bound and gag him. but Francine comes home and unties him in his sleep. But when the wolf comes back(Roger capture it as a pet.), kills a dog and leaves blood and paw prints in Steves room. he decides he must be killed so everyone else can be safe. His frineds fight over who gets to kill him, causing the gun to go off. The bullet hits the wolfe and everyone is convinced Steve is now back to normal.

C.) Story[]

Hayley meets a group of enviormentelists who she helps protest against the new land developments. However when she learns of there plan to blow up the mall she quickly turns on the groups leader.

D.) Story[]

Roger finds a wolf and names her Falicity. Roger hopes to bond with the wofle, but it runs away.

Pop Culture References[]

Connections to Other Episodes[]

  • Stan's love of hip hop is also mentioned in severel other episodes including Stan Knows Best and "A Pineta Named Desire"
  • Roger thinks his wolf has come back for him in the episode "There Will Be Bad Blood".