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G-String Circus



Episode Number


Directed By

Bob Bowen

Written By

Erik Durbin

Originally Aired

November 29th, 2009

Proceded By

My Morning Straightjacket

Followed By

Rapture's Delight


A.) Story[]

When Hayley announces she is taking a semester off to raise money for charity through organic mulch, Stan is depressed because she is not interested in his idea to start a dry cleaning business instead. Meanwhile, Deputy Director Bullock finds out they need to spend any remaining money in the CIA budget immediately or face cutbacks in the following year. They go to a strip club to spend the money. Stan meets a stripper named Tanqueray and talks her into a dry cleaning business after she takes his advice about eating a banana to help her with a potassium deficiency. Hayley's business takes off while Stan's goes into the tank. Stan decides the answer is to hire even more strippers. Roger promptly puts them on the internet and teases Steve. Feeling bad that Stan's business is failing, Tanqueray goes back to stripping to make money for Stan. Stan shows up at the club but finds out it is "ladies night" and the girls have left. The club manager is impressed with Stan's physique and talks him into dancing for money when the club is short of dancers. Stan passes off the money he makes as money earned from his dry cleaning business. Roger takes Hayley to the club to cheer her up because she is depressed that Stan appears to be succeeding. She sees him dancing as a stripper and realizes Stan has lied about how he earned the money. Hayley returns home to find Tanqueray, who suggests her to appreciate her father's advice as she leaves.

B.) Story[]

Steve, Snot, Toshi and Barry are at space camp, but unfourtanetly they are there during a week where the kids only learn about the finances of NASA. When Roger streams them a video, showing all of the strippers Stan has living with them, in Steve's room, the boys plan a break out. They manage to tunell out and make it back home, but by the time they do all the strippers are gone.