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Helping Handis



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Caleb Meurer

Written By:

Nahnatchka Khan

Originally Aired:

April 30th, 2006

Proceded By:

Roger n' Me

Followed By:

With Friends Like Steve's

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A.) Story[]

Hayley makes a student film about feminism, which shows Francine in bad light. Francine, wanting to prove she's more then just a housewife, she takes a course to become a surgeon. When she applys at the hospital the inform her that her degree is fake. As she is living a group of people mistake her for a doctor and she gives a man stitches. It turns out they are the handi capped mafia and they hire her as there surgeon. When Francine leaves one night covered in blood Hayley becomes worried and followes her mother to the mafias hang out. They take Hayley and Francine to "a place [they] like to dump dead bodies", but Francine convinces they should steal the aformentioned orphan money. They try but are shot before they can make it up the steps. On the drive home Hayley tells Francine that she is impressed with her and apologizes for not seeing it before.

B.) Story[]

Stan wants Steve to be popular because he never was in high school. He concludes that the only way for Steve to be popular is for him to be an athlete, so he steals sterioids from the CIA doctor who is on vacation. The steriods

s end up giving Steve breasts, which can't be reversed until the doctor gets back, he goes to school, trying to keep them hidden, but due to his layers of clothing he starts sweating and unipps his sweater. His breasts are noticed by Vince Chung who invites Steve to the river after school. Stan encorages Steve to ditch his friends and go with the popular kids. However what Steve doesn't know is that the boys just like staring at his breasts. When Francine, now working as a suorgen, is out all night, Stan and Steve throw a party, where Steve once again abandones Snot, Toshi and Barry. Stan soon finds Steve in his room letting the jocks feel his breasts, and Stan kicks everyone out. Steve still doesn't belive his dad that the other kids don't really like him, and goes to Vince Chung's party, even though Stan told him not to. In order to convince Steve of the truth Stan gives a triple dose of the sterodes to himself and shows up at the party. The story ends with Steve and Stan at Sticky's Pizzeria, where Steve aoglagizes for not beeliving Stan, and Stan apologizes for pushing Steve to be popular. Some men buy Stan and Steve breadsticks, and the episode ends with a montoge of slutty pictures of Steve and Stan washing a Jaguar.


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