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Homeland Insecurity



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Rodney Clouden

Written By:

Sam O'Neile Neil Boushell

Originally Aired:

June 12th, 2005

Proceeded By:

Roger Codger

Followed By:

Deacon Stan, Jesus Man

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A.) Stan and Francine’s Story[]

Francine feels out of the loop with the neighbors due to Stan’s overzealous, suspicious nature as a CIA agent scaring everyone away and she decides to throw a block party. Stan tries to satiate Francine’s wishes, but is inevitably overcome by his suspicious nature and behaves in an Islamophobic fashion toward his new neighbors, Bob and Linda Memari (Bob is actually a 2nd generation American from Iran and seemingly completely Americanized). Stan nearly comes around until he sees the town gazebo burning in the distance and assume it was the work of the Mumari’s (though they were at his block party the entire time). In a panic, Stan duel wields pistols and demands the block party end early, ruining Francine’s party. Haley demands evidence for her father’s wild accusations. Upon trying to do so, Stan becomes less and less discreet to the point of home invasion because a fly is blocking his hidden camera and he is sent to jail. Upon being released from jail, Stan invites the Memari’s over for brunch as an apology, but was really tricking them into trapping them in his backyard, which he turned into a makeshift detention center. Haley tries to lead a neighborhood revolt against her father, causing Stan to believe that they are in league with terrorists after Steve’s misadventure causes the city power to go out. Stan then locks the entire neighborhood in his detention center. In a spark of inspiration, Haley suggests Francine trick the neighborhood into believing Stan’s antics are for a theme party, a “Terrorist Detainment Camp” theme party. Everyone seems to be properly fooled and begins to revel in their detainment as the ladies bring out snacks and booze. Stan’s hoodie is returned to him from the damaged power plant causing him to believe he has been brainwashed into being a terrorist, and he tortures himself for information in the tool shed. Francine reveals her rise to the Memari’s, who reveal they knew all along but were used to the treatment and like Stan better then their last neighbors (where they also reveal some prejudice of their own). Francine forgives Stan as he inadvertently is responsible for her most successful party and Stan feels his first (and only) moment of shame the entire episode for his nature, recognizing the strain it causes on their relationship. Francine comes to terms with him, offering to protect the neighborhood from him while he protects the world from actual terrorists.

B.) Steve’s Story[]

Stan makes Steve join The Scout Rangers to get him ready for a Muslim invasion/apocalypse (due to his prejudice toward the Memaris). Within the first couple of minutes Steve realizes the troop he has joined are even less interested in being there than him, and spend their time playing video games and drinking beer in secret (away from any adult’s prying eyes). In an effort to be accepted, Steve attempts to recite the bastardized Boy Scout oath before a match flame hits his finger. Steve fails to do so and tosses the burned match away quickly, and accidentally burns down the town gazebo. The other scouts fail to see this the accident it was and respect Steve as a “badass”. When Steve wants out, the Scout Rangers threaten to flay him as they reveal they did to their Scout Master. He flees with Roger (as Roger wears Stan’s CIA hoodie), but they end up crashing into an electrical plant after Rogers failed attempt to fly like “E.T.”, causing the city to lose power. The Scout Rangers kick him out for going too far.

C.) Roger’s Story[]

After playing a video game with Steve, where Steve let’s slip that he thinks his video game character is the “coolest alien ever”, Roger is immediately, emotionally wounded and tries to find his “special power”. When Steve is running away from the Scout Rangers, Roger goes with him to find out to try to find his special power after his failed attempt to feign powers with a flashlight hidden in the sleeve jacket of Stan’s CIA hoodie. Later, while the two are on Steve's bike, Roger decides his power is flying (like “E.T.”), but they end up crashing into an electrical plant. Roger then accepts that he has no power, not realizing that his “power” is that his excrement is made up of gold and precious gems. This begins the Golden Turd Saga.

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