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Jack Smith

First Episode:

Con Heir

Voiced By:

Daran Norris


Unnamed grandfather Great Grandpa Smith (Father; deceased)
Unnamed Mother
Stan Smith (second oldest son)
Rusty Smith (older son)
Unnamed son in Wisconsin
and Nick Smith (oldestson)Applebee Mcfriday (youngest Son)Francine Smith (daughter-in-law)
Steve Smith (grandson)
Hayley Smith (granddaughter)
Glenn Smith (grandson)
Betty Smith (ex-wife) Mrs Smith (ex- wife) unnmaed grandfather unnmaed Grandmother unnmaed grandfather unnmaed Grandmother Unnmaed Uncle unnmaed sister unnamed brothers unnmaed sisters Great-Great-Grandpa Smith (great grandfather deceased) unnamed great great grandmother unnmaed uncles unnmaed Aunts unnmaed daughters unnmaed Sons


Jewel Theif (former) Former Criminal, Krampus


May 7, 1935


July 13, 2020




Jack Smith (born May 7th, 1935 -die July 13 2020) the son of Great Grandpa Smith is the father of Stan Smith and Rusty Smith. Not much is known about his relationship with Rusty, but towards Stan he was very apathetic. He walked out on Stan and his mother when Stan was very young, and before that time he refused to teach him how to ride a bike, and when Stan asked him to read to him he replied "who the hell are you?". In Con Heir it is revealed that he is a jewel thief. In "Jack's Back" he attempts to make it up to Stan, and even goes to jail to prove he's changed.

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