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Klaus Heisler

First Episode:


Voiced By:

Dee Bradley Baker


Ex-East German Olympic Skier




A future grandson, Grandfather

Character HistoryEdit

Klaus Heisler is a man in a fish in a bowl. He used to be a East German Olympic skier, but the CIA switched his brain with that of a goldfish to ensure that East Germany wouldn't win. 


Klaus feels bitter about being trapped in the body of a fish. He went from being a human to being a pet (to being an afterthought in the writers' room), and is justifiably resentful.

Despite his captivity, Klaus doesn't actively plot revenge on Stan, the Smith family, or the CIA. Instead of craving vengance or some kind of return to normalcy, Klaus seems resigned to his fate as he spirals into depression.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Klaus is treated like crap, and is not considered a member of the Smith family. Even Roger is treated like a family member. This probably hurts Klaus more than he lets on. Despite his mischevious streak and his occasional villainous behaviour, he genuinely cares about the Smiths and actively looks out for their well-being. Klaus has saved them from being Simon slaves, has helped them work through their deeply dysfunctional family problems, and gives them useful advice regularly.

At one point, Klaus was infatuated with Francine, and was jealous of Stan because of it. Lately, it seems that Klaus has accepted the fact that it's never going to happen with her (more likely, though, is that the show's writers just abandoned the idea once they fleshed out his personality).

Facts about KlausEdit

  • Klaus' mind has been inside at least 2 goldfish
  • Klaus' mind has also been inside the body of the former singer of an Earth, Wind & Fire tribute band
  • Klaus loves The Fabulous Thunderbirds
  • Klaus has had the fish disease known as ick
  • Klaus is a Nazi sympathizer
  • Klaus had a clubbed foot on his original human body
  • Klaus studied psychology at Frankfurt University
  • Klaus owes a large gambling debt to the East German mafia
  • Klaus has traveled to, and conquered, some sort of alternate realm
  • Klaus' last name was taken from American Dad writer Keith Heisler