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Lincoln Lover



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Brent Woods

Written By:

Rick Weiner, Kenny Shwartz and Nahnatchka Khan

Originally Aired:

November 5th, 2006

Proceded By:

Failure is Not a Factory Installed Option

Followed By:

Dungeons and Wagons

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A.) Story[]

Stan takes Steve to a meeting for the Langley Falls Conservatives, because he's sure he's going to be asked to speak at the convention. When he isn't Francine tries to cheer him up by taking the family to see a comunity theater play about Abraham Lincoln. The play is so bad Stan decides to put on his own play. His play becomes very popular, but unintentinaly supports the idea of Aberham Lincoln being homosexual. He is approached by "the Log Cabin Republicans" who want him to speak at the convention on there behalf. They invite him to a party, where Stan has a great time until he relizes that the Log Cabin Republicans are a gay group. He tells Greg, who tells Stan that he is gay. Stan doesn't understand how you can be gay and republican, so the Log Cabins convince him with a lavished musical number. Stan developes an aprication for the homosexual lifestyle, which worries Steve, who had previously been told by Stan that homosexuality is evil. Steve gives the group a flyer for an anti gay barbique Stan hosted, and the don't allow him to speak at the convention. Stan knows he will never be excepted by them unless he is gay so he deciedes to have sex with a man. He takes Terry out on a date, but when they kiss, Stan doesn't feel anything. He insists Terry isn't doing it right because he's choosing to be gay, Terry explains that it isn't a choice. At the convention a number of republicans, including Steve aren't alowing the log cabins inside. When Stan is asked to speak at the last minute he delivers a speech about why homosexuality isn't a choice, but being a democrat is.