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Lisa Silver

First Episode:



Deceased (Licence to Till)

Voiced By:

Carmen Electra (pilot) Elizabeth Banks




Lisa Silver is a senior girl at Pearl Bailey High. She is part of the popular crowd and is a cheerleader. In the pilot she goes out with Steve because he is class president and she likes the perks, but later tells him that she actually finds him repulsive. In response Steve evacuates the entire school, leading to Stan attempting to deport her family, but apparantly that doesn't happen. Her next appearance is in the episode "1600 Candles" where she agrees to go out with Steve again, this time attracted to his confidence. She later runs for class president herself, against Debbie Hymen in "Escape From Pearl Bailey". However when Steve believes in her, Amy and Janet set up a slam page; he then has a prostitute give herpes to her teddy bear, which gets passed on to her. Later it is revealed that the page was actually set up by Snot, Toshi and Barry.

Episode Appearances[]