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Mama Ling
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First Episode:

Big Trouble in Little Langley

Voiced By:

Amy Hill


Unnmaed younger daughter

Unnamed children

Unnamed Brother

Unnamed father

Unnamed mother


June 18 1920




Mama Ling is the adoptive mother of Francine Smith. When Francine was given up at the airport as a baby Mama and Baba adopted her. Before she could be officially adopted she had to live in a Catholic orphanage for a few years. Mama doesn't like to pay for long distance and would rather phone someone and then tell them to call her back. She also always hangs up first. Francine loves her for loving her unconditionally, while Stan finds her intrusiveness annoying.

However, Stan shows a newfound respect for both Mama and Baba after he was rescued from his burning home.

Episode Appearances[]