Meter Made



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Bob Bowen

Written By:

Dan Vebber

Originally Aired:

October 7th, 2007

Proceded By:

The Vaction Goo

Followed By:

Dope and Faith

Guest Star:

Forest Whitaker as Turlington

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A.) StoryEdit

B.) StoryEdit

A fortune teller tells Steve he's special, which he lours over Roger. Roger in retaliation convinces Steve he has been excepted into Hogwarts, the fictinal school from "Harry Potter". The adress Roger gives is for a house in a rough naighbourhood, where Roger hopes Steve will be kicked out of. However the house turns out to be a crack house that Steve ends up working at, thinking he's in potions class. Roger wants to tell Steve the truth, but when he see's how much money Steve made, he keeps the lie going. However when Steve brings some of the drugs home, the thugs come looking for him. At first Roger can't hold them off, and Steve breaks his glasses. But when Roger falls face first into a pile of crack, he becomes "incredibly focused", as he puts it, and kills all of the thugs. Steve meanwhile is trying to cast a spell with a chopstick, and thinks he did it all. The story ends with Roger supposivly disposing of the body's.