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Episode Number:


Directed By:

Ron Hughart

Written By:

Seth MacFarlane, Matt Weitzman and Mike Barker

Originally Aired:

Febuary 6th, 2005

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Followed By:

Threat Levels

Guest Stars:

Carmen Electra as Lisa Silver, Chris Cox, Natasha Meinick

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A.) Story[]

Steve asks out a cheerleader named Lisa Silver, when she rejects him he tries to figure out why. He concludes that girls like guys with dogs and asks his father for one. At first Stan is reluctent but Francine convinces him by telling him it will teach Steve responsibility for when he's in the military. The 19 year old dog that Stan brings home does manage to make girls talk to Steve and he is quite pleased. However one night Roger breaks a botte in the kitchen causing Stan to think Osama Bin Laden is in the house and he accidently shoots Steve's dog. They burry it in the back yard where Steve tells his dad that the real reason he wanted it was to try and impress women. Stan offers to help and figures that women like guys with power and rigs the school election so that Steve is class president. This does manage to make Lisa ask Steve out, but later on she reveiles that she was only dating him for the perks, and actually finds him repulsive. This causes Steve to kick everyone out of the school and lock himselfe inside. Stan manages to get him out by telling him that he was a nerd in high school too.

B.) Story[]

When Francine cuts Roger off of junk food he offers to write Hayley's term paper in exchange for some. After getting a good grade on it she hires him again. However he falls asleep and doesn't write the paper. In order to buy them some time they dig up Steve's dog and bring it to the teacher, who gives her an extension and she decides to write the paper herselfe.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Roger wants Pecan Sandies from the store
  • Steve wears a "Shazam" shirt to impress Lisa Silver.


  • This is the only "American Dad" episode to feature cut-aways.

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