AmDad ReturnofTheBling 670F

First Episode:

Family Affair

Voiced By:

Donald Fullilove, Erik Durbin


CIA Agent


The CIA seem to have a habit of swapping brains between humans and animals, and the Smiths seem to have a habit of collecting the subject of these experiments. The second anthropomorphic creature to frequent 416 Cherry Street is a koala. A koala who has the mind of a bearded homeless man, so of course, his name is Reginald.

According to his lyrical biography, this smooth-talking bear “used to be nothing” but due to his newfound physical appearance, he’s now “cute as a button.” Indeed. But it’s the brilliant dialogue that has been afforded to Reginald that makes him one of American Dad’s greatest creations – dialogue that is just so damn full of urban slang it’s like a tornado of speech that leaves the rest of the characters wondering what the hell he’s actually talking about.

At the risk of sounding like a ‘Songs Of The 80’s’ CD salesman – who could forget such classics as: “I respect this bitch! I love this bitch!”, “Holla a’tcha koala” (how on Earth did that not catch on?) and my personal favourite, (after Hayley takes her top off) “Caught those full in the face! If those were guns, Reggie be dead.”

Yes, his torrent of ludicrous lingo is enough to label any conversation a danger zone, but the fact that he actually works for the CIA means there is a serious, adept, and skilled side (he is proficient in the Afro-Brazilian martial art of Capoeira) to this otherwise chilled and laid-back individual. A character as complex and diametric as ol’ Reggie deserves his place on such a prestigious list.