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{{Infobox |Box title = Rusty Smith |Row 1 title = First Episode: |Row 1 info = There Will Be Bad Blood |Row 2 title = Voiced By: |Row 2 info = Lou Diamond Phillips |Row 3 title = Profession: |Row 3 info = Land Owner |Row 4 title = Relatives: |Row 4 info = gre Great-Great-Grandpa Smith (Great Great grandfather) Great-Grandpa Smith (grandfathe;r deceased) *Jack Smith (father; deceased)

*]] Mrs Smith (Mother)

*Stan Smith (half-brother) Unnamed half Brothers and sisters *Sooleawa'Uha Smith (wife)

*Glen Smith (son)

*Francine Smith (half-sister-in-law)

*Hayley Smith (half-niece)

*Steve Smith (half-nephew)

*Jeff Fischer (half-nephew is law) age 38 (but in the only episode that he appears in he was 29 and then was also mentioned to be 32 but at the end of the episode and in the episode he’s actually 38) now 54


Age 54 Rusty Smith (Born July 7, 1967) is Stan's half-brother. He was conceived in Santa Fe when Jack Smith had sex with a Cherokee woman. When Stan and Rusty were kids, their Grandfather was dying and left them $20,000 and land in Arizona that was won by the Smiths in a kickball game. Stan took the money, but lost it on the bus. Rusty took the land which turned out to have immense amounts of copper in it, making Rusty wealthy and the owner of a luxurious mansion in the Arizonia desert. Rusty brought his family to Stan's house for Thanksgiving every year to make his family appreciate how much they had. One Thanksgiving Stan attempted to do the same, assuming that Rusty was poor. When Stan finds out the truth, he attempts to swap houses with his half-brother. Rusty becomes furious and tells Stan that if he ever comes to his land again, he'll kill him.

Episode Appearances[]

  • There Will Be Bad Blood