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Sharri Rothberg.jpg
Sharri Rothberg

First Episode:

An Apocalypse to Remember

Voiced By:

Lisa Edelstein


Mr. Rothberg (father)

Mrs. Rothberg (mother)
Buckle (husband)


Sharri is a Jewish woman whom Roger conned into marrying him so that he could register for a blender. At the end of the episode, he leaves her and she ends up with Buckle. The two lived in the woods until finally moving into the Smith's neighborhood. She is a shrill and demanding woman.

Facts about Sharri[]

  • Sharri becomes personally offended when people mispronounce her name
  • Sharri has had "some" work done on her nose
  • Sharri was so desperate to marry that she didn't bother getting to know any of her suitors
  • Sharri is jealous of an owl
  • The ticking of Sharri's biological clock is making her neurotic
  • Sharri was mortified when Stan shat in her pool
  • Sharri's mother and father will go to great lengths to please their little princess
  • Sharri is one of the many people who tried to collect the $50,000 bounty on Hayley

Episode Appearances[]