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Stan Knows Best



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Pam Cook

Written By;

Mike Berker and Matt Weitzman

Originally Aired:

May 8th, 2005

Proceeded By:

Threat Levels

Followed By:

Francine's Flashback

Guest Starring:

Sarah Silverman

Zooey Deschanel

Tori Spelling

Nat Faxon

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A.) Story[]

When Hayley comes home from a green part rally, having dyed her hair, Stan demands she wash it out. Hayley refuses and Stan cuts off all her hair in her sleep. After getting a wig Hayley goes to a party with Jeff, which Stan kidnaps her from. Hayley is tired of having her father trying to control her life and agrees to move in with Jeff. Unfourtinetly Jeff lives in his van, and it breaks down right in front of the Smith's house. Stan tries to get Hayley to come home but she won't so he takes away her credit card. In order to pay it off Hayley starts working at a strip club, first as a waitress, then a stripper. Stan and his buddies end up going there and he see's her. He imedietly confronts Jeff about it, who had no idea. They go to the strip club and try to convince her to quit but she won't be budged. Soon Francine too finds out and tells Stan they have to be supportive in the choices Hayley makes with her life. This gives Stan the idea to go to Hayley's strip joint and cheer her on. Hayley still wants to stay, but when her wig falls off she is too embarrased.

B.) Story[]

When Hayley leaves, Roger takes her room. Steve, after witnessing a boy getting attention from girls because of his brothers ski accedent decides to pretend Roger is his burn victomed sister, and even makes a bet with his friends that he can bring back Kimmie's bra. At first the plan is working, untill Kimmie starts to pay more attention to Roger then Steve. Steve and Roger get in a fight where Steve calls Roger ugly, Roger, still sensitve from an inncident with Stan about the subject earlier, then tells Kimmie. She puts her hand on her face feeling sad. Roger pushes Steve,causing his head to brush up on Kimmie and push her bare arm against her face. Kimmie then breaks up with Steve Smith and leaves the house angrily. However she had previously loned Roger one of her bras which he gives to Steve.

Pop Culture References[]

  • Stan mentions Hayley once having a "Lion King" blanket.