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Steven Anita "Steve" Smith (born May 13, 1991) is the tetartagonist of the animated television series American Dad!. He is voiced by Scott Grimes.

Steven A. "Steve" Smith
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First Episode:


Voiced By:

Scott Grimes






Stan Smith (Father)
Francine Smith (Mother)
Hayley Smith (older Sister)
Bah Bah Ling (Maternal Grandfather)
Ma Ma Ling (Maternal Grandmother)
Jack Smith (Paternal Grandfather deceased)
Betty Smith (Paternal Grandmother)
Hercules (Paternal Step-Grandfather deceased)
Jeff Fischer (Brother-In-Law) great grandpa Smith (great grandfather deceased) great great grandpa Smith (great great great grandfather; deceased) Steve-arino (clone; deceased)


May 13, 1991

Romantic and Sexual Encounters[]

In the episode Con Heir, Steve has a romance with an 80 year old woman named Gretchen, who later cheats on him with Snot. In Deacon Stan, Jesus Man, Steve romanced a girl named Betsy.

For a few seasons, Steve dated the chubby goth girl Debbie Hymen. When Debbie was defamed during her campaign for class president, Steve viciously defended and avenged her. After Debbie left him for a seemingly more mature guy, Steve concocted an elaborate robbery/revenge scheme against her new beau in order to win her back.

Steve has had opportunities to have sex (or some kind of sexual encounter) with several girls/women. However, he's blown every single chance he's gotten. If only he had done the opposite of his instincts (a la George Costanza), Steve could have banged:

Don't feel bad, Steve: you still might have a chance with Akiko or Reshma!

Facts about Steve[]

  • Steve has kissed his best friend Snot on the lips on a few occasions and even imagined him as a girl hanging out on his sun deck at Hillside Acres.
  • Steve body slammed Simon the cat five times
  • Steve's aging process hasn't been linear, he started out the show at the age of 13, had his 14th birthday, had his 15th birthday, then got reverted back to 14 years old a few episodes later.
  • Steve had a clone named Steve-arino who kidnapped and almost killed Steve out of jealousy for the care free life his mom let him live while Stan forced him to constantly workout and study with little or no breaks.
  • Steve wrote a bestselling novel about Roger that Roger tried to kill him over, he killed a child actor that was supposed to play the role of Steve in the movie adaption instead after mistaking him for Steve.
  • Steve french-kissed his sister after being fooled into believing he was adopted
  • Steve disguised himself as an elderly woman in order to avoid being beaten up by his father, the disguise was quickly seen through.
  • Steve inadvertently killed a hare that was racing a tortoise
  • Steve has an innate talent for identifying the sex of baby chicks.
  • Steve unwittingly offered to "clean" his mom's "gutters"
  • Steve has been folded into a pretzel by a gorilla
  • Steve's middle name is Anita, this was decided by Stan, whose middle name is also Anita.
  • Steve almost boned Carmen Selectra
  • Steve was temporarily pregnant with Roger's alien baby, he passed it to Betsy White while kissing her, inadvertently proving her mother to be correct that kissing leads to pregnancy.
  • Steve once tried to raise an army of bees
  • Steve's encounters with animals usually end badly for him
  • Steve isn't a paraplegic private investigator, but he pretends to play one on TV
  • He once got drugged by his father
  • Has been gagged with a ballgag
  • Steve has worn Hayley's panties.
  • Steve was apart of the boy band called "Boyz 12," which was started by Snot's uncle Lew, who caught them singing at a gig at "Pizza Overlord." Steve was B6, and he could sing and "pick up sticks.". In the pilot it was stated that he was 13 years old, he had his 14th birthday then his 15th birthday, but was reverted back to 14 years old in "Toy Whorey".


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