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Terrance "Terry" Bates

First Episode:

Threat Levels

Voiced By:

Mike Barker


News Anchor


Greg Corbin (Former Life Partner) Unnamed boyfriend Libby Corbin-Bates (daughter) Unnmaed Mother Tank Bates (father)

Full name

Terrance "Terry" Bates


Terry is a local news anchor and one of the Smith's neighbors, He and Greg buy their house from Francine when she is a real estate agent in Threat Levels. In Lincoln Lover it is revieled that Greg is a "Log Cabin Republican" and Terry never knew. He goes out with Stan to try and get back at Greg. After 6ix9ining with stan, his life partner, greg, bashed his head on a rock

Relationships With Other Characters[]

Greg Corbin[]

Libby Corbin-Bates[]

Tank Bates[]

Stan Smith[]

Episode Appearances[]

  • 100 A.D.
  • Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls
  • White Rice
  • Homewrecker
  • Flirting With Disaster