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Split Personalities[]

The show itself has taken on a life and will of its own. Sometimes, American Dad feels like being a different show, or a film, or whatever it wants to. These different personalities branch off from the main show into altogether different territory. Sometimes the aspect ratio of the frame is changed to give the new story a cinematic feel, as with The Golden Turd saga. Sometimes, a television announcer introduces the new personality, as with Mind Quad. Sometimes the split personality has a theme song, like Shoe Police and Reginald's "show."

Facts about American Dad[]

  • American Dad was originally created as a replacement show for Seth MacFarlane after Family Guy had been cancelled
  • American Dad is the middle-child of Seth's three shows
  • American Dad uses the name Chuck Berry as a verb, meaning "to piss or crap on a sex partner"
  • American Dad has been known to break the fourth wall of storytelling
  • American Dad occasionally reveals its split personalities in the forms of Mind Quad, Shoe Police, The Golden Turd saga, etc.
  • The continuity varies among American Dad's plot and character developments, which are subject to random retconning
  • Some characters on the show are based on American Dad writers (i.e. Dan Vebber, Etan Cohen, Barker & Weitzman's CIA scientists)
  • American Dad is one big inside-joke for writers: many of the show's jokes are meta jokes about writing for TV (i.e. all of the 'Wheels & The Legman' bits)

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