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Threat Levels



Episode Number:


Directed By:

Brent Woods

Written By;

David Zuckerman

Originally Aired:

May 1, 2005

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Followed By:

Stan Knows Best

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A.) Story[]

Stan accidently brings home a thermise containing a lethal substanced, that has supposidly infected the entire family. After it is declared a false alarm, Francine is depressed after relizing how little she's done with her life. When she meets a real-estate agent, Barb Hanson, she becomes jealous and expresses this to Stan. Stan has Barb sent to Guantanamo Bay and has Francine replace her. As it turns out Francine is a natural and is soon making more money then Stan. At first he doesn't mind until his co workers tell him that it's threatning his manhood. In an attempt to regain the power in there marrige he starts a homeless underground fight club. When all the homeless leave however he steps into the ring himselfe, and gets badly ausalted. In the end he relizes that marrige is a partnership.

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