First Episode:

Meter Made

Voiced By:

Forest Whitaker




Turlington is a detective. His first appearance is in the episode "Meter Made". He made another appearance in "Chimdale" where he tries to solve a mystery at a spa. He was also featured as a police officer in the edisode "Live and Let Fry", where it was his job to prevent recently newly banned trans-fat from entering Langly Falls , he also appears in "My Purity Ball and Chain" where he is solving a mystery of a boy killed in a slide accident in the Smith's backyard .

The character is based on voice actor Forest Whitaker 's character in the FX drama "The Shield," Lt. Jon Kavanagh .

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Meter Made
  • Chimdale
  • Live and Let Fry
  • My Purity Ball and Chain