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First Episode:

Meter Made

Voiced By:

Forest Whitaker 2007–09, Craig Robinson 2016–19




June 18, 1961




Unnamed Uncle, unnamed mother, unnamed father, unnamed brother, unnamed sisters, unnamed grandmother, unnamed grandfather. Unnmaed Aunt, Unnmaed Brothers,


Turlington is a detective. His first appearance is as a parking detective in the episode Meter Made. He made another appearance as a spa detective in Chimdale, where he tries to find a pistachio thief at the Chimdale spa. He was also featured as a police officer in the episode Live and Let Fry, where his job is to prevent newly banned trans-fat from entering Langley Falls. He also appears in My Purity Ball and Chain, where he tries solving the mystery of a boy killed in a water slide accident in the Smith's backyard. His final appearance is in The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady, where he is found dead at the end of the episode.

Either his first name changed with every appearance in an episode (Ron, Daniel, Dirk and Hank), or 'Turlington' is in reality five different people - siblings most likely (see: The Turlington Detectives).

The character is based on voice actor Forest Whitaker's character in the FX drama "The Shield," Lt. Jon Kavanagh.

Episode Appearances[]

  • Meter Made
  • Chimdale
  • Live and Let Fry
  • My Purity Ball and Chain
  • The Hall Monitor and the Lunch Lady